MoreLight Lighting Concepts

Because the experience and enjoyment of your guests is not only determined by the proper choice of bowling equipment, Bowltech and Morelight B.V. have developed a unique lighting concept that allows you to create the right ambience and atmosphere for your guests at any time: soothing lounge setting to energetic disco lighting. The experts of Morelight have created the perfect environment thanks to a unique combination of bowling equipment, light and sound, while still keeping operation so easy. And if you are looking for a total solution for your bowling center (which does not stop at the beginning of the approach) then Morelight will also be happy to advise and assist.

Morelight offers custom made light shows according to your type of bowling center and ambience with its unique railing system and light armature. This system is not only easy to assemble but is also easy to operate. Making it easier for you to focus on running your center. Morelight’s lighting system comes with a 5 year warranty and 24/7 service.

Moreliight B.V. is a strategic partner of the Bowltech Group.

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