String Pinspotters vs Free Fall Pinspotters

The QubicaAMF EDGE String Pinspotter is a great option if you are looking to provide bowling purely for fun and entertainment. This pinspotter gives you authentic bowling fun with less operational complexity and costs than other pinspotter alternatives. When looking into boutique centers or hybrid centers, the core business there is about bowling. That’s why Free Fall Pinspotters such as QubicaAMF XLi EDGE Pinspotters can be the perfect solution. They are specifically designed to make your business easier; for you, for your staff and for your customers.

EDGE String Pinspotter

EDGE String is the next generation in string pinspotter technology, packaging revolutionary electromechanical design and intelligent software into a pinspotter that makes it possible for any center to deliver the fun of bowling, with peace of mind and at very low operating cost.

EDGE String’s simple and robust design means any member of your staff will be able to operate it.  Operation is made even easier with the innovative Tech Wizard app, which proactively notifies and guides your staff if attention is needed.  The bowling experience is amazing, your bowlers will think they are bowling on a traditional pinspotter.

It is the friendliest pinspotter ever

EDGE String’s simple and robust design means any member of your staff can be easily taught to operate it in about an hour and it requires very little servicing.

  • Simple to Learn
    Only 6 tasks to know to be able to operate the pinspotter
  • Low Maintenance
    Robust design and only 3 adjustments - with gauges built in so you know they are done right
  • Plug & Play Design
    Replacing a part, if needed, is quick and easy
  • Safety in its DNA
    Integrated guarding, low voltage DC power, interventions done from behind the machine, from the floor


Tech Wizard proactively notifies and guides your staff if attention is needed

Your staff can focus on your customers and not worry about EDGE String because Tech Wizard, an expert system app for a smartphone, will notify & provide guidance when attention is needed. You truly don’t need dedicated pinspotter staff.

  • Real Time Operational Alerts
    Informs if there is ever a stop in play, what the issue is and what to do, all while keeping the bowling guests updated on the scoring monitors
  • Maintenance Notification & Guidance
    Informs when it’s time for service, what is required, tools & time needed, and shows how to do it through instructional videos
  • Staff Training Resource
    Instructional video content in Tech Wizard is great tool for staff to independently learn how to operate EDGE String 
  • Cloud-Based Management Tools
    Performance data, service history and reporting capabilities at your fingertips, from anywhere


EDGE String delivers the best bowling experience of any string pinspotter

With EDGE String your bowlers will think they are bowling on a traditional pinspotter because the experience is amazingly authentic. The strings are hidden and pin action is lively.

  • Dark Pit Area
    Hides the strings and highlights the pins during play 
  • Oversize Pin Shield
    Completely hides the pins & strings from view when the machine cycles
  • Performance Pin Bushing
    Practically eliminates pin tangles so your bowler keep rolling
  • Bowler Responsive Deck Lights
    Responds to on-lane events when used with the BES X Bowler Entertainment System, making an authentic experience more amazing



XLi EDGE Pinspotter

The most advanced pinspotter ever and the only pinspotter designed to make your business easier. 

Easier for You 

Because it’s the most cost effective pinspotter to operate, so you have more money to focus on marketing your business or add to your bottom line. 

Exclusive Patented EDGE Performance Lift and Cam
Delivers the best Frames Per Stop (FPS) performance in the industry, requiring less staff to operate, so you save money. 
Exclusive Durabin 
Unlike other machines—stores pins so they don’t continuously cycle through the machine. You save money because pins last longer and fewer pins are needed. 
Exclusive Energy-Efficient Electronics and Automatic Shutdown 
Conserves electricity, keeping your operating costs down so you save money. 
Exclusive Fewer Wear Parts 
You spend less annually on replacement parts to maintain the machines. 


Easier for Your Staff 

Because its’ simple to learn, to operate and to maintain. 

Exclusive EDGE Video Training Tool
Makes learning the critical machine adjustments easy for technicians—you won’t find it anywhere else. 
Exclusive Fewest Critical Adjustments
There are fewer things to learn and to maintain so staff time can be used for other areas of the business. 
Exclusive Open & Modular Design 
The XLi EDGE is open and easy to work on making it efficient for technicians to do their job. 
Exclusive Keeps Staff Informed
Staff is automatically notified of any interruption in bowler play and can respond quickly. With system generated reporting, you have accurate data to improve maintenance effectiveness and lower operating costs. 

Easier for Your Customers

Because they have a better experience in your center and are more likely to return.

Exclusive CenterPunch Deck Lighting System 
Driven by Conqueror Pro and integrated with BES X, CenterPunch deck lighting illuminates the pins, enabling dazzling light shows that will excite and engage your bowlers. 
Exclusive Quietest Operation 
Your customers don’t hear the machines running, making for a more pleasant environment in your center. 
Exclusive Keeps Customers Informed 
If a problem occurs during play, customers are updated on the scoring monitor and notified when it’s okay to bowl again making for a better experience. 
Exclusive Unmatched Reliability 
Your customers are not kept waiting for the pinspotter to set pins or for their balls to be returned.


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