• Bowlinghall: Aarhus Bowlinghal
  • Land: Denmark
  • Kategorier: Modernisering
  • Avslutad: Summer 2020

     Aarhus Bowlinghal

When Aarhus Bowlinghal decided to enhance the complete customer bowling experience, they knew this would mean changing things behind the masks as well as front of house.

Behind the masks, all 16 pinspotters were replaced with brand new QAMF Edge String Pinspotters. 
Edge String not only performs at a very low operational cost, they are also very easy to operate by any member of staff, while retaining that traditional bowling experience.
The pinspotter upgrade was complimented front of house with the introduction of the QAMF BES X Ultimate scoring system, giving bowlers new and exciting graphics

The centers’ decision to upgrade to Edge String pinspotters and BES X Ultimate was based upon the desire to continue their long term relationship with Bowltech as supplier of state-of-the-art bowling equipment by QubicaAMF.


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