• Bowlinghall: Max Munich Bowling
  • Land: Germany
  • Kategorier: Modernisering, BES X
  • Avslutad: Summer 2020

    Max Munich Bowling

Max Munich Bowling is an impressive 30 lane bowling alley with 6 luxurious VIP lanes to enjoy the ultimate bowling experience.

With bowlers from many different target groups and with different needs, the center was looking for a way to keep them all engaged in the game of bowling. BES X Ultimate with SuperTouch consoles offers entertainment for all with exciting new graphics and multiple game types! But there is more to the scoring system; with TCS (Trouble Call System) customers are informed if a machine problem occurs and are notified immediately once it’s resolved, keeping any frustrations to a minimum.

Choosing QAMF BES X Ultimate with SuperTouch consoles and TCS  was an easy decision based on the good experience Max Munich already had with QubicaAMF products and Bowltech as their supplier.

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