Fun & Entertainment Center

The brand-new Fun & Entertainment Center in Sevenum (NL) was completed in January 2021.

Beside the fact that you can now play Hyperbowling here, there are more unique activities to be found at this center, including the indoor Mattel Play with the characters of Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam. The catering at this location is offered in the form of an 'ABC' restaurant. A collection of food concepts that attracts hundreds of visitors every week. 

Because so much traffic is generated here every week, the introduction of bowling was a must, as this had already proven itself at their other location.

Because of the innovative and convincing hyperbowling system, the choice of Bowltech and QubicaAMF as a bowling supply partner was a logical one for FEC Sevenum.

This new centre with its 8 lanes is fully equipped with the latest bowling equipment, including Edge String Pinspotters and the vibrant scoring and entertainment system BES X Ultimate.

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