• Bowlinghall: Kungsholmens Bowling
  • Land: Sweden
  • Kategorier: Modernisering, BES X
  • Avslutad: Summer 2021

  Kungsholmens Bowling

Kungsholmens Bowling in Stockholm (SE) has been completely modernised in the summer of 2021.

This centre was in need of a renovation and a lot has changed. From front to back, everything has been rebuilt and installed with the latest QubicaAMF equipment that gets a second chance here.

A special aspect of this centre is that there used to be 12 lanes. After the modernisation, lanes 11 and 12 made room for other activities such as Shuffleboard and Darts. In addition, lanes 9 and 10 have been shifted 1.5 metres and now neatly connect to the first 8 lanes.

Installed at Kungshomens Bowling:

Xli Fouldetectors
Harmony Masking
Harmony Ballreturn with lower ballracks
SPL II with glowtrack lanes
Durabowl gutters and bumpers with Lights
Bes-X Ultimate Scoring with Supertouch
Houseballs and shoes

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