• Bowlinghall: High Score Waalwijk
  • Land: The Netherlands
  • Kategorier: Nytt centrum
  • Avslutad: 01.10.2020

  High Score Waalwijk

In Waalwijk (Noord-Brabant) in the Netherlands you will find High Score Waalwijk, that has opened October 2020. In their redemption game hall you will find about 100 modern new school and retro old school arcade game machines! 

We have installed 2 lanes of Highway66 mini bowling and the result looks amazing. These lanes are equipped with the very latest pinspotters on the market: QubicaAMF Edge String machines. These result in a carefree and simple operation with a maximum reduction of downtime due to the advanced technology.  Together with the enormous range of arcade games in this location, the lanes are a huge eye-catcher!

Redemption gaming continues to be a great success in America and although it is less well known in Europe, it is emerging strongly. 

QubicaAMF systems are compatible with almost all types of credit systems. In this configuration a link has been made with the EMBED Debit Card solution in order to play cashless and save won points. The installation is also equipped with a built-in ticket dispenser to be able to release paper points depending on the score and choice of the player.

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