LED Videowall - Neoverse

LED Videowall - Neoverse

Today's guests expect more from their bowling experience, and they're willing to pay for that experience! How can we best leverage the entire on-lane space inventory in centers to surround guests and deliver an immersive and interactive experience? How does QubicaAMF include on-lane elements that centers already have such as scoring and lane lights as part of this new ecosystem? How can we use a mix of technologies and elements that are immersive as a whole and visible in the dark and in the light?

Get ready to immerse your guests in a vivid, amazing, multisensory bowling experience. The Neoverse next level design delivers new dimensions of sight, sound and sensations that promise to WOW, captivate and attract new and existing guests alike. Neoverse ensures everything works together and features a center-wide LED video wall with surrounding ambient lights, sidewall lights, HyperBump lighting, capping and pin deck lights, scoring system integration and a global soundtrack for music and effects.

What the Neoverse Uniquely Delivers:
•    Designed for endless in-center applications 
•    All elements work together to surround and amaze guests 
•    Suited for any light condition and time of day 
•    Always evolving 
•    Smart content deployment 
•    Total control from one system 
•    Mix and merge with your existing sources and content 
•    Fully certified design and delivery for proprietors’ peace of mind 

The Interconnected Neoverse Technology Ecosystem

An interconnected ecosystem of technologies, the Neoverse from QubicaAMF includes an all-new LED Video Wall—unlike any other on the market—that is fully integrated into our products, including the BES X Bowler Entertainment System, HyperBowling, Intelligent Lighting, and more.
It’s also backed by a unique cloud-based entertainment library, so you can always add new content to keep things fresh for your guests and deliver an unforgettable experience on every visit! 

Neoverse Ledwall
This state-of-the-art LED video wall is the centerpiece of the ecosystem and provides bowlers a vivid, amazing, multisensory bowling experience. The LED wall sets the standard in every way. Superior technology, hardware, content, attention to safety, and industry leading warranty makes the Neoverse LED Wall truly unmatched!

Lighting & Sound
Suite of existing and new intelligent lighting concepts interacts seamlessly with the LED wall to surround guests and create an immersive experience, reacting together to create a full show that cannot be matched by any competitor. Sidewall Lighting and Ambient LED Lighting above the video mask add a unique element to the Neoverse. Together with CenterPunch and HyperBowling lights they react to events happening on the lanes and in conjunction with content displayed on the LED wall drawing guests deeper into the action. 

Everything works together
The Neoverse ecosystem technologies are interconnected to ensure everything works together. It features an all-new LED Video Wall—unlike any other on the market—that is fully integrated into our products for maximum impact. All elements are smartly positioned across the entire bowling area providing a truly immersive experience. 

Prepare to be captivated! 

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