Financial Service

The purchase of bowling equipment is a significant and important investment for your business. By opting for financing, you can spread the financial burden over a longer period and immediately benefit from the latest and most advanced equipment.
This allows you to have more financial flexibility to operate and invest elsewhere in your business.

Benefits of financing

Whether you are renovating an existing bowling alley or opening a new location, we are ready to assist you in finding the perfect financing solution for your needs. 

•    You lease the equipment for a specified period at a fixed monthly amount, giving you clarity on your expenses. 
•    You do not have to finance the purchase of the equipment yourself.
•    The lease payments can be deducted directly from your results, providing you with tax benefits.
•    A comprehensive all-risk insurance is included in the lease for the duration of the agreement.
•    After a specified period, you have the option to purchase the equipment at an attractive residual value, after which they become fully owned by you.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities and how we can help you realize your bowling dreams!



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