O'Learys Ekerö


In June 2021 O'Learys have opened a new venue at yet another location. This one is situated on the coast of the Swedish island of Ekerö nearby the Swedish King’s residence.

Owner Magnus Waldman Slim enjoyed working with us throughout the whole process, from idea to realisation to the end result. The 4-lane bowling area is equipped with the very best and latest bowling equipment from Qubica AMF.

We have installed:

• Edge String Pinspotters
• Centerpunch Deck Lights
• Harmony Masking
• Hyperbowling
• BES X Ultimate
• Super Touch Bowler Consoles
• Harmony Ball Returns
• White Boutique lanes
• EZ Touch Lane Maintenance Machine

O'Learys is all about sports and entertainment in a relaxed setting. This is already available at more than 130 locations worldwide, attracting more than 4 million visitors each year.

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