Stockholm, SE

Tolv Stockholm Sweden Summer 2022

At TOLV Stockholm we had the pleasure to install the best equipment and create another fantastic bowling facility!
When you enter, the SPL lanes with full glow immediately catch your eye. Together with the CenterPunch Deck Lights, they create the atmosphere in the room.

All 6 courts are equipped with the best equipment such as the EDGE String pinspotter, Harmony Ball Returns with Lower Rack and Hyperbowling!
Of course, we must not forget the BES X Ultimate Scoring & Entertainment System in combination with the SuperTouch Bowler Consoles.


Pinspotter QubicaAMF EDGE String Pinspotter - 6 pcs.
Ball Return QubicaAMF Harmony Ball Returns
Lanes QubicaAMF SPL Lanes (Full glow)
Hyperbowling Hyperbowling installed on all lanes
Scoring BES X Ultimate Scoring & Enterainment System
Console SuperTouch Bowler Consoles
Light & Audio CenterPunch Deck Lights


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