Leuven, BE

Bowling Leuven Belgium Spring 2023

In a city that is nationally known for its nightlife and student life, bowling is of course a must. In the beautiful Belgian city Leuven, the bowling establishment located in the center has been a household name for over 40 years!

In 2021, Bowling Leuven wanted to lower their operating costs but retain the free fall playing experience of his 82-70 machines and therefore chose the new Edge String Pinspotters. These machines offer a fantastic gaming experience at a significantly lower cost. For a full bowling experience BES X Core entertainment system was also installed.

In 2023 they took the next step in modernisation and installed brand new Harmony ball returns.


Pinspotter QubicaAMF EDGE String - 6 lanes
Scoring BES X Scoring & Entertainment System
Ball Return   QubicaAMF Harmony Ball Returns with lower Rack



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