Building Your Own Centre

New Centre Installations

Bowltech U.K. can also provide full installations for your (new) centre. Since 1986 we have built an organisation that will assist you with the right expertise at every stage of the investment, concept development and implementation. Afterwards Bowltech will continue to be your long term business partner through our professional after sales team, service support and the best product portfolio to maintain the daily operations of your bowling centre. We help you effectively from A to Z, from concept development to the opening of your centre; the experts of Bowltech are by your side. Whether it be 1 lane or 40 lanes, Freefall or String pinsetters, Bowltech U.K. is your one stop shop for full installations.

Private Homes

Bowltech U.K. has a successful history in building and installing private home bowling lanes throughout the country. Do you dream of having your very own lanes to bowl on in the comfort of your own home? 

We have all the resources and skills to assist you with building this dream. From planning to installation and from finalisation to the training and maintenance, Bowltech U.K. can provide you and your home the full package.

Projects in the spotlight

New Centre Plans? Let us help.

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