SES Pinsetters


• Sophisticated robust concentric design
• Very energy-efficient (no additional equipment such as compressor with very high power consumption necessary)
• Great smoothness
• Very little wearing parts
• Large rope reserve in the elevator mechanism
• Life expectancy well over several decades
• Accurate display of the fallen pins, even with early throws
• Adjustable pin-down switches
• Minimal spare parts required
• Minimum rope entanglement with automatic rope entanglement mode
• Most stable pin centering on the market
• Gentle and precise stopping of the pins, thus no falling over of the pins, even if the rope lengths are rarely adjusted.
• Ideal playing comfort and optimal sports and game enjoyment through reliability.
• Easy maintenance, eliminating full time technicians. Lower labour costs.
• Easy to learn and maintain
• Ideal system for recreational bowling, small clubs, private houses etc.

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