Birmingham, UK

Roxy Ball Room Birmingham United Kingdom Winter 2020

Roxy Leisure was founded with a rebellious spirit, going against the norms of what was around them. They are dedicated to bringing a fun experience through great gaming, great beer, great food and great music. Their objective is to champion the competitive socialising revolution to new cities across the country. They are on track for at least two new sites per year.

Bowltech have been the partner of Roxy Leisure since their first Bowling site in Leeds. Last winter they opened their latest site at Birmingham. Roxy Ball Room Birmingham is their largest bowling venue with 10 lanes.

It’s built inside a former industrial unit which recently was a Fork Lift Servicing company, in an area of Birmingham that was the location of the famous Birds Custard factory. The area has evolved to become a vibrant retail and nightlife destination. A unique feature of the site is a large industrial crane which spans the interior of the building. This was moved into position and is now the hanging structure for the overhead scoring displays.

SES Pinsetters, System 300 lanes and Steltronic Focus Scoring System. 


Pinsetter SES Pinsetters
Lanes System 300 Lanes
Scoring Steltronic Forcus Scoring System




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