Leeds, UK

Roxy Ball Room Leeds Merrion Street United Kingdom Spring 2021

Duck Pin Bowling is a variation of its big brother Tenpin Bowling with smaller balls and a smaller alley but still very challenging as it is harder to get a strike!

Because the Bowltech Duckpin package can be adjusted to various lengths, this was the perfect solution for the limited space at this location. In addition to this the Roxy Leisure Directors were looking for a shorter lane bowling provision that wasn’t “arcade style”, but rather more “adult” in nature.
Bowltech UK put together a bespoke package using existing manufacturers products, coupled with in-house design detail, that met these requirements.


Type Duckpin
Pinsetter SES String Pinsetter
Lanes System 300 Lanes
Scoring Steltronic Stand Alone Scoring

Roxy Ball Room operate venues around the UK which feature many different ball games including Tenpin, Crazy Golf, Beer Pong, Crazy Pool, Pool, Shuffleboard and many more.
Roxy Leisure have partnered with Bowltech UK in providing both Duckpin and Tenpin Bowling across the UK, adding to their growing portfolio including centres in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Liverpool and Birmingham.


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