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The Harmony Ball Return System

The Harmony Ball Return System from Qubica AMF is the safest and most stylish solution for your center that meets the current needs and requirements for a modern center.

The compact and ergonomic design of this system is available in six different colors (Black, Red, Green, Grey, Orange and Blue) and provides more space for your bowlers on the approach. Optionally, you can choose a convenient Rack system to store extra balls.

The Harmony Ball Return System is the most energy efficient system available. It features the exclusive Auto-Start technology which runs the motor only when there is a ball to be transported. This technology provides an unprecedented reduction in electricity consumption and significantly lower wear on moving parts.


Choosing the Harmony Ball Return System creates a safer environment for your bowlers and staff. The ergonomic design keeps your bowlers' hands away from moving parts and the optical-electronic sensors stop the motor for maximum safety as soon as an object or (children's) hand is put into the ball exit. In addition, the balls exit the elevator more slowly and with less force than any other ball elevator on the market. This reduces the danger of a bowler's fingers being pinched by a ball exiting the elevator and hitting the ball on the rack picked up by a bowler.

The smooth surface of the hood cover provides longer life and easier cleaning. All electronics are located above the lane and because the cover is designed to be very easy and quick to remove, maintenance of the system is very easy to perform. 


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