Ball Returns

The Harmony Ball Return System

The safest and most stylish solution that fits your needs

Ball returns can be a safety hazard for bowlers and a liability for you. Ball return hoods can be hard to clean. Ball lifts can be a challenge to access. And, control buttons can be an unwanted temptation for kids.

But QubicaAMF has the perfect solution—the Harmony Ball Return system.

Welcome to the Next Generation
The Harmony Hood and Rack system is the safest and most compact and stylish solution ever seen on a bowling lane. It’s also the most sophisticated thanks to state-of-the-art technology and electronics designed to fit your needs.


Exclusive Features 
•    An ergonomic design to keep your customer’s hands away from any moving parts 
•    Opto-electronic sensors stop motors if an object or hand is inserted into the ball exit area for maximum safety
•    Auto Motor Start, so the motor starts only when a ball arrives for increased energy efficiency and an unmatched reduction in electrical consumption
•    Compact design for minimal congestion, and more space for your bowlers on the approach 
•    Hard, smooth surfacing for improved durability and cleaning 
•    Quick access hood for easy maintenance


The Harmony Ball Return is available in six different colors, giving you flexibility to match your vision. Colors include: Black, Red, Green, Gray, Orange, and Blue.


For more information about the Harmony Ball Return,
please contact our sales desk.


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