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Kegel Atlas/Atlas Walker

Atlas, the world’s first Smart Lane Machine, will transform the relationship between machine owners and their lane machines forever. The subtle allure of the Atlas Lane Machine is a tremendous contrast to the power that lives inside. A small custom-built control board, carefully constructed and adapted specifically for lane machines, opened the door for these machines to join Kegel’s budding Smart Ecosystem. The one-of-a-kind Smart Lane Machine Operating System has broken the mold to achieve never-before-seen functionality, communicating seamlessly with an array of Kegel systems. The simplicity, mechanical improvements, and new user interface leverage these newfound capabilities, allowing the user an experience beyond compare. Atlas has arrived and this is only the beginning.


Watch the productvideo  here 

•  Kegel Smart ID User Integration
•  Compatible with Smart Link Desktop Application
•  Remote access for technicians to view diagnostic information
•  Custom Control Board with simplified wiring
•  Industrial Controller 
•  Kegel Smart Lane Machine Operating System 
•  Onboard access to Kegel's Pattern Library
•  Ability to send patterns from Kegel Pattern Library Mobile App to machine
•  30 patterns stored in memory
•  High-speed ethernet-controlled driver for more accurate oil application
•  Sanction Technology™ fluid metering conditioning system
•  Conditioner float switches with low-level warning message
•  Easy to remove vacuum motor
•  Sprayless cleaning system
•  Cleaner float switches with low-level warning message
•  Omni Wheel for better lane-to-lane transitions
•  Auto-aligning lane whiskers
•  Smoother whisker reaction controlled by OS
•  Extruded aluminum cleaner and oil bar
•  Proprietary designed relay board
•  Integrated Wi-Fi

And many more!

Kegel IKON/IKON Walker

The IKON is a battery powered combination lane machine (cleans and conditions) that incorporates Kegel's proven technology with the modern styling of the FLEX. 

The IKON uses Sanction Technology for the conditioning system which is reliable, verifiable, and accurate to ±1% with continued precision of ±0.5% after millions of cycles. For cleaning, the IKON utilizes a sprayless system, which cleans the lane without any overspray into the gutters keeping your customers and pinsetters cleaner.

Kegel's patented conditioning and cleaner systems are the only ones on the market that can be checked and verified before you begin lane maintenance - now that's peace of mind.

Watch the productvideo  here 

•  Conditioning System with forward and reverse capabilities.
•  The popular and easy to maintain DUO Transfer System enhances the smoothness of the pattern and allows for easy pattern changes.
•  Patented Sprayless Cleaning System - No overspray in the gutters.
•  The on-board PLC uses a 3.5 inch color touchscreen to make it easy to monitor and adjust machine settings.
•  The IKON PLC holds 15 patterns of your choice.
•  Wireless connection via Wi-Fi device
•  Choose from 3 different size Lithium Ion batteries based upon your bowling center's needs or number of lanes ran per day.


FLEX is the state-of-the-art and most advanced lane maintenance machine from Kegel.  The DUO Conditioning System combines Sanction Conditioning technology with dual conditioner tanks, making it the first lane maintenance machine that gives you the ability to easily use various conditioners, or even mix two compatible conditioners in one run.

The Kegel FLEX is also available in a 'Walker' edition, the only lane maintenance machine in the bowling industry that is able to autonomously clean the lanes and condition.
The FLEX Walker moves itself from lane to lane and even bypasses obstacles on the approach.

Watch the productvideo  here 

•  NEW Full color 7" touchscreen display & redesigned user interface and user experience
•  DUO Transfer System
•  Two (refillable) conditioner cartridges
•  Touch Screen
•  Batteries with longer life
•  Standard battery capacity to 40 lanes (upgradeable)
•  30 patterns

Kegel Crossfire

The Crossfire is a compact, durable, and highly functional lane machine at an extremely affordable price. This wick combination lane machine allows small centers to experience high-quality lane maintenance only Kegel can deliver.

•  Cleans and conditions the lane in about 80 seconds
•  On-board keypad for simple machine programming
•  6 High-Flow Wick Pads (upgradable)
•  12 Lane Conditioner Capacity (upgradable)
•  32 Lane Cleaner Capacity
•  3 Drive Speeds for enhanced pattern taper
•  Compact Design

QubicaAMF EZ Touch

Do you own or manage a smaller center and find yourself doing the lanes by hand? Perhaps you use outdated equipment that doesn’t clean properly or apply enough oil for today’s bowling balls? We know the lane maintenance problems that many centers are faced with today—like not having a full-time mechanic or feeling like they are forced into buying an expensive, complex machine.

Unlike any other lane machine on the market, the EZ Touch will protect your capital investment (the lanes) as well as ANY lane machine on the market today—and keep your bowlers happy.

Watch the productvideo  here 

The EZ Touch is easy to learn and run. Any member of your staff can easily maneuver and quickly learn to operate this machine—with the touch of a button.

The EZ Touch is a very economical solution with a low total cost of ownership. And it also saves labor costs by automating what you might be doing by hand or less efficiently now.

EZ Touch has everything you need to take care of your lanes—and all types of bowlers. It protects one of your biggest investments as well as machines that cost three times as much.

Trade-in Machines / Refurbished

Bowltech also offers a selected range of refurbished lane machines. These machines come with a 6 month warranty. This way, even the smaller center has the opportunity to have a high quality machine on their lanes.

VFor more information about our refurbished lane machines, please contact our sales desk.

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