Tromsø, NO

ByBowling Tromsø Norway Summer 2022

ByBowling in Tromsø, Norway can move forward again for years after the modernization of the equipment in the center. First of all, the pin spotters on all 6 lanes have been replaced by the EDGE String. Besides the reliability, they will also save a lot on maintenance, parts and energy costs. The Harmony Ball Returns also provide a beautiful, timeless look and extra safety. Of course the BES-X Ultimate Scoring-, and Entertainment System can not be forgotten for the ultimate playing experience!


Pinspotter QubicaAMF EDGE String Pinspotter - 6 pcs.
Ball Return QubicaAMF Harmony Ball Returns
Scoring BES-X Ultimate Scoring and Entertainment System
Console Supertouch Bowler Consoles
Light & Audio CenterPunch Deck Lighting




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